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Grant Application Information

The Roland-Grise PTSO is able to award grant money to the teachers who are PTSO members. There are two types of PTSO grants available:

1. Supplemental: These grants help fund classroom needs that arise during the school year. The request should focus on how students will benefit from the grant. Reusable resources such as books, science kits, and educational materials that will benefit the largest number of students will be given high priority. These grants contribute to the overall enhancement of available teaching tools.

2. Professional: These grants are awarded for teachers to attend professional development seminars, conferences, workshops, or other collaborative learning opportunities. The request should focus on how the opportunity will improve the quality of teaching, raise student achievement, or address students’ learning challenges. These grants contribute to the overall academic success of students.

Click here to view/print the Grant Application.

2017-2018 Grants Submission Guidelines:

  • You must be a PSTO member to be eligible for consideration; Annual dues are $5.00
  • Grant requests must be submitted electronically to the Grants Committee using the form provided
  • All grants are reviewed by the Grants Committee before they are voted on by the PTSO Board
  • Be very specific about how the grant will benefit students, examples are helpful
  • Be aware that the Grants Committee needs time to research, ask questions, and make sure grant request form is fully complete and accurate before the request can be reviewed and voted on by the PTSO Board
  • If grant is approved, the funds for the grant must be requested within 60 days of the approval
  • If you have a question at anytime during the process of filling out a grant or during the review process, please contact a member of the Grants Committee

Supplemental Grants:

  • The PTSO Board will review and vote on supplemental grants during regularly scheduled meetings. The Grants Committee will need time before the meeting to review grant requests. Here is the submission and deadline schedule for supplemental grants:
Grants Submitted In This Time Frame: Will Be Considered & Voted on at this PTSO Board Mtg:
Aug 26-Sept 5 Sept 2019
Sept 6-Oct 10 Oct 2019
Oct 11-Nov 28 Jan 2019
Nov 29 – Jan 30 Feb 2019
Jan 31- Apr 3 Mar 2019
Apr 4- May 11 Apr 2019

Professional Grants:

  • Submit these requests by Oct 31, 2019. We will then look at all of the requests at the same time for a fair evaluation process. We are unable to approve professional grant requests before Oct 31. Please do not ask. We are unable to make any exceptions to this.
  • The PTSO has a budget of $1000 for professional development grants. The goal is to allocate the available funds evenly among grade levels and core subjects. High priority will be given to requests that benefit the most students.
  • The PTSO Board will vote on Professional Grants by Nov 15, 2019. This may be an email vote depending on when the regular PTSO meeting occurs.
  • Professional Grant requests submitted after Oct 31, 2019 will follow the same submission and deadline schedule as Supplemental Grants.