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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year at Roland Grise!

Welcome back to all returning families and Welcome to everyone new to Roland Grise!

PTSO v. PTA… What’s the Difference?

PTA is a large organization that a lot of schools join. Membership fees get paid to the organization and only part of that money comes back to the school. At Roland Grise, we have a PTSO where the Parents, Teachers and Students make the decisions and 100% of membership money goes directly to the school. The money is used for, but not limited to:

  • School Events (Dances, Grade Level Socials)
  • Books 
  • Teacher Grants (which can be used to send our teachers to conferences, get classroom supplies, buy equipment)
  • Academic Enhancements (Science Olympiad, Competition Registrations)
  • Awards (Grade Level recognitions and awards)
  • Hospitality and Teacher Appreciation Events for our wonderful staff

So don’t just sign up and think your money is going to a large organization rather than our school. Sign up yourself, your spouse and your kids and really make a difference at our school.  Sign Up Here: 

Why Knight Deposit?

  • Do you enjoy selling cookie dough at work?
  • Do you like watching your child walk door to door asking neighbors to buy wrapping paper?
  • Do you look forward to buying coupon books so your kid gets credit?
  • Do you want your child working a car wash to raise funds for the school?

Most of us would answer NO to all of these questions. The Roland Grise PTSO agrees. So in lieu of all these fundraising efforts that only send partial funds back to the school, we ask our families to make an annual Knight Deposit, monetary donation to the school so we can all forego the whole fundraising pains. 

You can make your Tax Deductible Donation Here: 

Get Involved!

Would you like to get involved with the PTSO? We would love to have you. We would love to get you involved with any/all of the following activities:

  • Hospitality Events for Teachers/ Staff (donations or volunteers)
  • Book Fair
  • Dance (donations or volunteers) 
  • Yard Sale (donations or volunteers)

Let us know what you are interested in: 

Easy Money!

Not everyone can commit volunteer time but there are some easy ways you can still contribute to Roland Grise through:

  • Re-Link your Harris Teeter, Publix, Lowes, Target, Office Depot cards. Every time you shop the PTSO will get a portion of your sale! And YES, you can link multiple schools!!!
  • Clip Box Tops from your food containers. It only takes a couple minutes. Keep them in a baggie or drawer and send them in monthly or whenever you can. 
  • Save yourself a night of making dinner and head out to our Family Nights at local restaurants where they donate a portion of sales to our PTSO.
  • Attend our Book Fair in the fall or spring or send some money with your student.
  • Make the Myrtle Grove kids jealous by decking out our kid in some awesome new Roland Grise Spirt Wear!

Keep up with us!

Visit our website  at to:

  • Join the PTSO 
  • Make your annual Knight Deposit and tell your neighbors they can stop hiding when you ring their doorbell.
  • Find the school ids and links for all the shopping cards (Harris Teeter, Publix, Lowes, Target, Office Depot)
  • Find upcoming PTSO events on the calendar
  • Learn how to make a shortcut on your phone to easily access the website from your phone home screen.
  • Find out who all the amazing local businesses are that sponsor our PTSO

Follow us on your favorite Social Media platform:

Feel free to contact either one of us with questions.

Cori Nevruz ( & Lisa Harris ( )

Roland Grise PTSO Co-Presidents