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About Roland Grise PTSO

Our Mission

  • To enhance and enrich the educational environment at RGMS by supporting social, extracurricular and academic needs of the students and staff
  • To nurture the environment at RGMS by promoting parent/guardian involvement through communication, volunteering and dialogue with school staff.
  • To provide support and service to students, families, educators and our community to promote a spirit of caring, good citizenship and respect for others.

PTSO v. PTA… What’s the Difference?

PTA is a large organization that a lot of schools join. Membership fees get paid to the organization and only part of that money comes back to the school. At Roland Grise, we have a PTSO where the Parents, Teachers and Students make the decisions and 100% of membership money goes directly to the school. The money is used for, but not limited to:

  • School Events (Dances, Grade Level Socials)
  • Books (for library, guidance and classroom use)
  • Teacher Grants (which can be used to send our teachers to conferences, get classroom supplies, buy equipment)
  • Academic Enhancements (Science Olympiad, Competition Registrations)
  • Awards (Grade Level recognitions and awards)
  • Hospitality and Teacher Appreciation Events for our wonderful staff

So don’t just sign up and think your money is going to a large organization rather than our school. Sign up yourself, your spouse and your kids and really make a difference at our school. 

Sign Up Here: